Bettyann & Jimbo’s Junkadoodle!

I come from several generations of antique lovers and absolutely adore walking through antique malls and consignment stores. You never know what you’re going to find and every time you go there’s something different! I’ve been dying to go to Bettyann & Jimbo’s Junkadoodle ever since I found their website a few weeks ago. I managed to find some free time last weekend and brought Mom & Dad with me for some Sunday afternoon fun! As expected, we lost dad early on…he prefers the lullaby sounds of Money Talks (his favorite radio talk show). But Mom and I were in heaven!!!! After walking the store a few times over (you can never see everything the first time!) I found two antique oval frames! They were perfect and a steel at only $15 a piece!

The pictures just don’t do them justice, but I had to post them anyways! I’m thinking of putting black & white photos of my parents and Vincent’s parents at their weddings. I absolutely can’t wait to hang them in our new house (when we get our new house!). Until then, they’ll find company among my other decorating finds being stored in my china cabinet until the move 🙂




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