Bri’s Buys

With the wedding, honeymoon and a new house all happening at the same time I decided to take on a new budget adventure! I had read on many blogs how people were cutting down their weekly grocery bills drastically by matching coupons and the weekly sales ads. I decided to try it and in two weeks saved over $120 in groceries!!!! I was completely shocked! It’s now become a game each week and I feel guilty for spending over $1 or 2 for any item on my list! haha! Below are my previous shopping trips and links to the blogs I read for reference. If you’re looking for a way to cut down your grocery bills and save a ton of money, give it a shot!

Target 3.36.2010

Total Products: 38
Total Out of Pocket Cost: $77.78

Total Savings: $46.29

Plus, I received $10 in Target gift cards!

Target 4.2.2010

Total Products: 52
Total Out of Pocket Cost: $74.04 + $10 in gift cards from previous purchase

Total Savings: $72.24 (almost 50%)

Check out these links if you are interested in learning more about coupon match-ups:

Totally Target

I Heart Wags

Moms By Heart




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