It’s like a heat wave…burning in our house!

So, our air conditioning went out today…yup, completely went out! Thank goodness for our home warranty!!!! Needless to say, we’ll gladly be house sitting for mom and dad till we can get our A/C fixed on Monday. Despite today’s problems, we are absolutely loving our new house and have made a ton of progress on it the past few weeks!

Our living room!

The Entryway

Our new sectional, a wedding gift from my sweet grandmother!

A pillow I fell in love with at HomeGoods! I love the sweet message and it was a perfect addition to our almost finished living room!

I plan on posting more pictures soon! Vincent finished his man cave last weekend and we’ve almost finished the master bedroom and my studio! Everything is coming along slowly, but we’re so happy with it. Vincent has done an amazing job with our yard (not an easy task) and I can’t wait to paint the outside of the house and the kitchen cabinets. Guess that will have to wait till after football season! Until then, we’ll have to tackle the mounds of boxes we’ve managed to cram in our guest room!




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