My 25th Birthday!

Last weekend we invited our family over to celebrate my 25th birthday and to see our new house. We had a blast and I’m so thankful for the amazing family we have. After an AMAZING cookout (courtesy of Chef Vincent), presents and a UFC watching party, my year was off to a good start!

Vincent started the day off with a bang and surprised me with my birthday cake! He went to Panini Bakery (the bakery that made our wedding cakes) and had them draw him flexing his muscles with icing. The funny thing is that it actually looks like him!!! haha!

Mom, Mimi and Vanessa catching up and enjoying the party…

Tasha enjoyed the company, but was exhausted from all the attention and food! She could hardly keep her eyes open by the end of the night!

Monday (my actual birthday) my teammates and Vincent both surprised me with flowers and sweet cards! Our house looks and smells so pretty 🙂

My birthday card from Vincent…it reads:

Bri, Muffin Cakes, My Shnookems, My Snuggle Pumpkin, My Honey Honey. I hope these 25 years have been a blast and I’m going to make sure the next 25 years are even better. So expect a bunch more of my corny jokes that only I laugh at, and my random humor that only really myself find it to be hilarious. I’m kidding, well…not really. I will do my best to make you happy that you married me. I love you, Your Hubba Bubba

Flowers from the DCR&B Bananas!!!!

My super cool Bubba and rockin’ Robyn (my amazing sister-in-law) surprised me at work with more flowers! They were gorgeous and so unique!

It was an amazing birthday and a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to do it again next year 🙂


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