Another new addition!

Our living room also got a new addition today! Ever since we got our new house I’ve been looking for a fun and functional magazine holder for my ever-growing magazine collection. After a few months of searching I found exactly what I was looking for and $30 later my magazines were happy to have a new home!

Our new house is finally getting there and I’m glad I was able to get a few small projects done this weekend. Next on the list: painting the kitchen cabinets, changing exterior paint and turning the guest bedroom into a walk-in closet. Looks like I’ll have a busy off-season!!!!




One thought on “Another new addition!

  1. I am an organizing freak and I love doing that sort of thing, as your mom probably told you, that is what I’m doing too, working on fixing up our house, but it is to move out not to fix up to stay like you are. Anyway I love to put magazines in a pretty basket in our huge window sill and then when I have enough I put them in magazine holders and then put them on my shelves in the living room in groups of the same magazine, esp. ones I want to keep forever like Cooking Light, Weight Watchers, ect. I so would love to have your mag. holder instead of my baskets though.

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