Friday’s Fabulous Finds

I’ve decided my next major project (when I manage to find some free time) is to turn our guest bedroom into a dressing room. Our closets and attic are already bulging at the seams and the man cave turns into temporary storage for our clean laundry when we aren’t expecting guests. I long for a morning when I can get ready for work without fumbling around in the dark while Vincent and Tasha try to sleep or going through three closets in three different rooms trying to find something that matches! After finding pictures of some pretty glamorous dressing rooms, I’ve decided take on the project for myself (and Vincent)! Here are a few ideas I hope to incorporate…let me know what you think!

This is actually a little girl’s playroom, but doesn’t it remind you of a Betsey Johnson store? I absolutely love the color and the dress-up clothes hanging along the wall!

This one is from Living Etc. I love the dresser and the light blue/pink color combination!

Miley Cyrus’ dressing room was featured in In Style magazine awhile back. I love her idea for shoe storage and you can’t go wrong with pink walls and chandeliers!

Check out Christina Aguilera’s closet (also featured in In Style)

Fashion designer Nanette Lepore’s closet featured in Elle Decor.

Another dressing room featured in Living Etc.

There’s not doubt this transformation will take me awhile, but I can’t wait to get started. Too bad my weekend is already booked!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulous Finds

  1. Love that, wish I had an extra bedroom to do that too. Good luck with that. I would hate my weekends to always be full, that is when I snag Dennis to help with whatever I need him to do.

  2. Love it, Friend! You deserve your own dressing room because you are a star! I know it will be both functional & glamorous & I can’t wait to see it. Love the space of Christina’s. Always leave growing room for more shoes.

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