Houston…we have a pantry!

Woo hoo, we have a pantry!!!!! I never imagined I would be this excited over a pantry, but after not having one in the house since we moved in I’ve realized how valuable they are! 🙂 The hubby an I had a shopping date Monday night at Ikea and picked up a pantry (rather a bookcase that happened to be the dimensions we needed) and some shelves for the dining room. I couldn’t wait to put everything together and I’m proud to say that last night I built our pantry by myself (well, minus the few times I needed the hubby to use his muscles)! It’s perfect and I can’t wait to paint our cabinets white so everything will match. It’s the next major project on my to-do list, but realistically it probably won’t happen till after football season. Regardless, I’m so happy to have organization in the kitchen (finally!) and all our food in one place!

The pictures are a bit blurry since I took them with my phone, but you get the idea 🙂

View from our dining room.

All that’s left is to add a few decorative items on top to fill the extra space. I guess I better start looking for ideas!

TGIF, everyone!




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