A 2011 Challenge

Happy 2011! I know I’m a little late, but I haven’t had much time to blog lately 🙂 The past few weeks I’ve been working hard towards my new challenge for myself this year. I recently was introduced to New Dress A Day and her concept of giving up traditional shopping and filling her wardrobe with thrift store finds and vintage pieces that the modified/refashioned to fit her style. This got me thinking…the hubby and I are always looking for new ways to save money. We’re dreamers and though we live a very comfortable, debt free life in our new little home, we are constantly looking for frugal ways to stash extra cash in our savings for our dreams. Sewing is a passion of mine and one that is constantly getting pushed to the back burner in my hectic schedule. I thought that a little challenge might force me to not only develop my craft a bit more, but actually make the time to do it!

I decided to modify the New Dress A Day concept to fit my lifestyle. Our lack of closet space in our cute little 1950’s home has left me wanting to convert part of our guest room in to a closet. I’ve decided to forgo traditional retail shopping in 2011 and the only new additions to my wardrobe would be pieces that I make from scratch or refashion from pieces I already own. It’s amazing how many items get donated to charity only to make room for new pieces. There are so many things that can be updated so easily for a minimal cost that it’s almost silly not to. So, here we go!

I’ve already been hard at work and have so much to show for it. I’ve made a blouse, dress and skirt from scratch and have refashioned 3 old sweaters into cute little cardigans. Thanks to the support of an impressed hubby and a talented mom, I just might make it through the year and have a new guest room closet to show for it! Look for pics and updates soon!




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