Weekend Project: New bedding

I am constantly working to transform our new house into a chic, country cottage. When I found a few vintage sheets at a local thrift store, I decided to make new bedding for our master bedroom. A duvet cover and two pillowcases later, our bedroom was one step closer to having the vintage country charm I love.

I cut 12″x12″ squares from each sheet and sewed them together in an alternating pattern to create the top of the duvet cover. I used an additional vintage sheet for the back and sewed it to the top leaving the bottom edge open. To finish, I sewed snaps along the open edge and added a duvet from Target.

For the pillowcases, I started with two white pillowcases purchased from the dollar store and scrap material from one of the sheets used in the duvet cover. I printed out the letters in a font I liked and used it as a stencil to cut my fabric. I appliqued the letters by hand and added a few toss pillows to complete the look.


I’m so pleased with how everything turned out and the hubby likes it too (despite the girly floral patterns)! According to him it’s “like sleeping at a hotel.” I love him!


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