Operation Declutter!

August is one of my favorite months…it’s the anniversary of meeting my amazing hubby and my birthday month! I’m setting a goal for this month that will hopefully be a forever change for our family. We love our precious little 1950’s cottage, but after a little over a year we’re already in need of more space. It’s kind of hard to believe since it’s only Vince, Me and our puppy, Tasha! I’ve decided that in order to keep my sanity and help us get rid of all the unnecessary items in our house I would set a monthly goal for August and take baby steps to de-cluttering our home. I’ve started with a weekly cleaning schedule that is manageable for me to do every night after work while cooking dinner. I tried to keep it light enough each night to be able to finish by the time the hubby gets home so we can eat dinner and enjoy our evenings together. So, without further ado, here’s my weekly cleaning challenge for August, along with some routines I found on unclutterer. that I hope to incorporate…


  • Unload/Reload the dishwasher
  • Detail clean the Kitchen
  • Laundry (wash, dry & fold)


  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Detail clean both Bathrooms
  • Vacuum the entire house


  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Dust entire house & ceiling fans


  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Vacuum & Swiffer floors
  • Laundry (wash, dry & fold)


  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Banking (pay bills, cash checks & organize envelope system for the next week)
  • De-clutter & Organize (File all mail & papers from the week)


  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Clean baseboards & vacuum
  • Clean out car & wipe down/vacuum interior
  • DIY House Projects


  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Relax & enjoy a clean house!

Car – Check the car each time you get out for anything that doesn’t belong there. Once a week clean out under seats and detail clean interior. 

Craft Room & Office Space – Take time once a week to file papers and organize supplies.

Closets – Go through closets once a month & purge unused items. Take all items to Catholic Charities.







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