Baby Chase Gets A Nursery!

After two full weekends of working and a little chaos in-between, Baby Chase’s nursery is finally coming together! We won’t find out till next week whether Baby Chase (BC) is a boy or a girl, but we wanted to get a head start on converting our guest bedroom (a.k.a. junk room) into a perfect little nursery.

{Step 1 – Get rid of everything!} My two weeks of vacation during the holidays was spent on this step alone! It was pretty time-consuming to sort, move and get rid of everything that was already in BC’s room. After two trips to Catholic Charities, two full trash/recycling bins and a yard full ready for bulk trash pick-up, the room was empty and ready for a make-over!

{Step 2 – No more carpet!} I was always curious why the previous owners decided to cover up the gorgeous hard wood floor with carpet. I’ve been wanting to pull it up since we moved in and with BC’s room finally empty I jumped at the opportunity. Thanks to mom, dad and Vincent, all the carpet has been removed and the original wood floors cleaned and shined. I’m so happy with the end result!

{Step 3 – Furniture Time!} Thanks to my amazing parents we received some of our baby furniture as Christmas gifts this year. I was excited to get BC’s crib moved in to see how much space we had to work with. We plan to add a wardrobe, dresser/changing table, toy box and rocking chair. We were hoping we would be able to get the already assembled crib moved from mom & dad’s to the nursery without a hitch, but with narrow doorways Vince and dad spent the evening disassembling and re-assembling!




A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

Woohoo! Operation de-clutter is in full swing at the Chase household and there’s no better place to start than our kitchen! After a good deep cleaning and a little reorganizing I think we’ve finally found the best solution for maximizing the little counter space and storage we have. Here’s the results of today’s hard work!

View from the hallway

Looking in from the dining room

Organized Island

I also had a fun, new addition to our kitchen today! Mom and dad just returned from a wedding in Ohio and on their way back they drove through Tennessee and visited tons of super cool places. At Loretta Lynn’s plantation they picked up a few goodies for Vince and I. Mom picked out a vintage looking tin lunchbox with Miss Betty Boop on it! I absolutely love it…especially the caption “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds”!

The New Addition!

 Hope you enjoyed our happy, little kitchen! All this cleaning has me tuckered out…good night!



Weekend Project: New bedding

I am constantly working to transform our new house into a chic, country cottage. When I found a few vintage sheets at a local thrift store, I decided to make new bedding for our master bedroom. A duvet cover and two pillowcases later, our bedroom was one step closer to having the vintage country charm I love.

I cut 12″x12″ squares from each sheet and sewed them together in an alternating pattern to create the top of the duvet cover. I used an additional vintage sheet for the back and sewed it to the top leaving the bottom edge open. To finish, I sewed snaps along the open edge and added a duvet from Target.

For the pillowcases, I started with two white pillowcases purchased from the dollar store and scrap material from one of the sheets used in the duvet cover. I printed out the letters in a font I liked and used it as a stencil to cut my fabric. I appliqued the letters by hand and added a few toss pillows to complete the look.


I’m so pleased with how everything turned out and the hubby likes it too (despite the girly floral patterns)! According to him it’s “like sleeping at a hotel.” I love him!

The Chase Chateau

Our niece’s birthday party was a success yesterday and since our house was in order I snapped a few pictures of the updates we’ve done on the house. There’s still so many ideas I can’t wait to get to, but for now we’re pretty happy with our little bungalow! 🙂

Our living room…we got rid of the oversized coffee table and added a cocktail ottoman that’s now home to our blankets and snuggies 🙂

Our quaint little dining room…I’m planning on painting our china chest as soon as I can decide on a color and find a free weekend in my schedule. We’ve been leaving the back door open the past few days and I absolutely love this fall weather and the autumn breeze that’s filled our house!

A view of the kitched from the dining room…Not much has changed since we added the new pantry, but I still can’t wait to paint the cabinets white and add shiny new hardware. I’m on the lookout for a rug that will fit in the kitchen. I’m thinking light blue, but we’ll see what I can find.

Vincent’s ultimate man cave! The room is almost finished now that we added the couches. Eventually, we plan on closing up the window and hanging a large flat screen on the wall. We’re also planning on building a custom bar table to go behind the love seat for extra seating at our UFC fight night parties. If you look closely you can see my hubby taking a cat nap while watching college football.

Our master bedroom…We plan on putting a fireplace mantle on the wall across from our bed and mount the flat screen TV on top of it to add a little extra space. Maybe one day we can add a walk-in closet…we definitely could use the storage space!

The guest bedroom…Eventually the curtains will be changed and ideally this would be my dressing room! Until then I’ll have to settle for my fancy shoe display (pictured below). I’ve yet to write about the dresser I rescued and the $60 DIY make-over I did, but until then you can see a sneak peak of the final product. It’s the bright blue piece next to the bed.

My studio is by far my favorite room in the house. I just wish I had more time to spend in it! I’m still working on getting it organized and exactly how I want it, but it’s getting a lot of use regardless!

Hope you like what we’ve done so far!



Another new addition!

Our living room also got a new addition today! Ever since we got our new house I’ve been looking for a fun and functional magazine holder for my ever-growing magazine collection. After a few months of searching I found exactly what I was looking for and $30 later my magazines were happy to have a new home!

Our new house is finally getting there and I’m glad I was able to get a few small projects done this weekend. Next on the list: painting the kitchen cabinets, changing exterior paint and turning the guest bedroom into a walk-in closet. Looks like I’ll have a busy off-season!!!!



Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day! It’s been an amazing weekend and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Mom and I set out early this morning to do a little shopping for our houses. We went to one of my favorite places on earth, Junkadoodle, and I found three adorable flower/candle holders. I instantly thought of my kitchen when I saw them. Our house is big on style, but extremely small on storage space and our kitchen, believe it or not, doesn’t have any drawers! I knew my new finds could be used to store our silverware on a shelf above our island and my handsome hubby even took a break from video games to hang the shelf for me! It turns out my idea worked and I’m so happy with the results! For under $50 one of our kitchen walls got a little makeover!



It’s like a heat wave…burning in our house!

So, our air conditioning went out today…yup, completely went out! Thank goodness for our home warranty!!!! Needless to say, we’ll gladly be house sitting for mom and dad till we can get our A/C fixed on Monday. Despite today’s problems, we are absolutely loving our new house and have made a ton of progress on it the past few weeks!

Our living room!

The Entryway

Our new sectional, a wedding gift from my sweet grandmother!

A pillow I fell in love with at HomeGoods! I love the sweet message and it was a perfect addition to our almost finished living room!

I plan on posting more pictures soon! Vincent finished his man cave last weekend and we’ve almost finished the master bedroom and my studio! Everything is coming along slowly, but we’re so happy with it. Vincent has done an amazing job with our yard (not an easy task) and I can’t wait to paint the outside of the house and the kitchen cabinets. Guess that will have to wait till after football season! Until then, we’ll have to tackle the mounds of boxes we’ve managed to cram in our guest room!