Coupon Update: 1/14/12

Woohoo! Just returned home from a visit to the grocery store and I’m super pumped that we saved 20% on our groceries this week and came in $15 under budget! Our total savings for 2012 are $58.04!

It’s not out of the ordinary for us to spend $150+ a week on groceries for just the two of us when we don’t pay attention to what we’re buying. However, with a little menu planning and preparation, it’s been somewhat easy for us to come in on or under our budget each week. Here’s how I prepared for this week…

1. Put together a meal plan based on items we already had on hand.

2. Made a shopping list of produce, fresh foods and any items needed for this week’s recipes that we don’t already have. We make sure our list is within our budget before discounts & coupons are factored in. This makes sure that we are under budget and there are no surprises at checkout.

3. Check sales flyers for our local grocery stores. I usually like to shop at Target, but most of the items we needed this week were on sale at Kroger, so Kroger it was!

4. Clip coupons for any items on our list. My goal is for every item on my list to either be on sale, purchased with coupons, or both. Never pay retail…unless it’s an emergency!

5. Head to the store with grocery list, coupons, and calculator at hand. I keep a running total of all the items I put in  my cart to make sure that our pre-coupon/discount price never goes above our budget. That way I can make adjustments if needed before I checkout.

That’s it! Pretty simple and surprisingly fun! Can’t wait to see how much we save before Baby Chase gets here!